Cats Are Psychopaths

“Your cats are going crazy again! Do something.” Is your cat a psychopath? This is the question that’s going around the internet right now. Scientists have developed a questionnaire to identify if your cat is a psychopath. They’re basing the questions on typical cat behaviors like pushing stuff off shelves, attacking humans and other animals, … Read more

Eusoh Community Pet Health Plan Review – Mio Review

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Your cat is your fur baby. Just like a normal baby, your kitty gets into trouble. That trouble can sometimes lead to injury or illness. While no one wants a sudden trip to the vet or emergency clinic, especially your cat, it can be inevitable. These emergency visits can be costly, adding to your stress. … Read more

How You Can Train Your Cat to Stop Biting The Ultimate Guide

“Mio bit me again. What can we do about that?” If you have a cat, you have likely been bitten at least once. Many pet owners don’t think twice about these bites unless they actively train their pets not to bite.  Most cat bites are playful or affectionate and can even be seen as cute.  … Read more

Cat claw clippers – Melody Review

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Two weeks have gone by; it looks like it’s time to get my claws clipped again. My beautiful claws I have spent so much time sharpening. *Sigh* At least Meowmy uses these clippers: –>>Check out the Walkinnwith LOOKUT Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light<<— Lights up your pet’s claws Do you find it difficult to … Read more

How to Trim Cat Claws – The Complete Guide

“F***! When was the last time you trimmed the cat’s claws? Mio just scratched me.” My partner has a way with words, but I tend to forget to trim the cat’s claws regularly. Because of this and his tendency to use his hands to play with them, a big no-no gets him scratched often. I … Read more

Petsafe bolt interactive laser cat toy – Melody Reviews

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*Pant* Meow. That little red thing has had me running after it all day! I know I’ll catch it one of these days. Until then, let me tell you all about the PetSafe Bolt Laser Cat Toy, one of my Meowmy’s favorite items.  Automatic play mode When Meowmy first brought home the Petsafe bolt interactive … Read more

Joint supplement for cats – Mio Reviews

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Mio here to give you the run-down of a cat product I’ve discovered that is truly the cat’s meow!  Unlike my sister Melody who spends all her time on Amazon, I actually like to shop around and try new things. Speaking of which, Melody, Meowmy’s looking for her credit card again. Do you happen to … Read more

Feliway cat spray – Melody Reviews

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Feliway Cat Spray Review Us cats are a nervous bunch. Being unable to speak human we can’t tell you we’re feeling nervous or uncomfortable directly. Instead, we show this in our own way, scratching, spraying, vocalizing too much.  When I was a kitten, I had a habit of showing my discomfort by peeing on the … Read more

How to socialize a feral cat – From hiss to purr

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This post is a follow-up to my previous post about socializing cats. The steps that I detail in that post are significant for cats that are familiar with humans. However, feral cats, those that have never been around humans, need a different approach. Read on to learn how to socialize a feral cat.   What should … Read more