Cat claw clippers – Melody Review

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Two weeks have gone by; it looks like it’s time to get my claws clipped again. My beautiful claws I have spent so much time sharpening. *Sigh*

At least Meowmy uses these clippers:

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Lights up your pet’s claws

Do you find it difficult to see your cat’s claws while trimming them? Does this make you worry you will hit the quick in their claw, causing injury to them and drama for you? This clipper has a bright LED light that lights up the claw and allows you to see the quick better.

It also has a magnifier to make it even easier to see your cat’s claws. Great for those with kittens.

How to use Walkinnwith LOOKUT cat claw clippers

This all-in-one clipper makes it easy to clip your cat’s claws. Start by holding your cat or sitting across from them, whichever they allow.

These clippers come with a battery, make sure you have it installed.

Have a treat ready for your pet by placing it on the treat holder on the top of the clippers.

Open the clipper’s handle and using the switch on the inside turn on the light.

Hold your cat’s paw so the flat part of the claw, the side of the claw, faces upward.

Angle the light so you can easily see your cat’s nail and quick.

Slide your cat’s claw into the clipper and press down firmly and quickly.

Place your cat’s claw into the file on the side of the clipper and use your thumb to rotate the file to smooth their claw.

Repeat with all other claws and when finished give them their treat!

Holding the clipper closed, turn it on its side, open the nail trapper, and dump the clippings.

When finished wipe the blade with some rubbing alcohol to clean and store in the leather case that comes with the clippers.

Claw Trapper

One of the worst things for my Meowmy when she clips my claws is that they go flying everywhere! Not only does this make a mess that’s hard to clean up, it means she needs to protect her eyes.

With the claw trapper on these clippers, her eyes are safe, and she can easily dump my claw clippings in the trash.

Features and Specifications

  • Comfortable handles, bright lights, strong magnifier, and a secure claw trapper make this one of the better claw clippers out these
  • The bright LED lights make it easy to find your cats quick preventing drama and allowing you to get on with purrs and cuddles much faster.
  • Nail trapper catches claw clippings to avoid a claw to the eye and help with cleanup. The trapper is also a magnifying glass with 5X maginifcation for greater visibilty of claw and quick.
  • The nail grinder allows you to smooth down claws that have just been clipped to prevent rough claws from snagging on anything or causing injury to your cat.
  • A place to hold your treats so your cat will get their reward for being so well behaved (or not).
  • Designed for cats and dogs with the love of pet owners and the expertise of vets.
  • Come with a battery and leather case for storage.

–>>Check out the Walkinnwith LOOKUT Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light<<—

Who should consider these cat claw clippers

If you prefer to save time and money by clipping your cat’s claws at home or have already trained your cat to accept having their claws clipped, these are perfect for you.

For a similar alternative without a treat holder, you should check out these clippers from All Star Innovations.

If you prefer clippers that are low tech, with no extra I would recommend these basic scissor style clippers from The shiny Pet Store.

If you have a cat that has ingrown claws, an active infection or is just too unruly for you to clip its claws yourself I recommend you go to a groomer or your veterinarian to have your cat’s claws clipped.

Melody’s rating

I give Walkinnwith LOOKUT Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Why 4.5 stars?

The position of the is directly where the claw is supposed to go and this can make seeing the nail slightly challenging. While the design of these all-in-one clippers is well done, it could still use a few improvements to make it easier to use.

Most reviewers of this item are dog owners, as these clippers are designed for both cats and dogs. Unfortunately, most dog owners find that these clippers are too small for their dog’s claws. One owner even mentioned that the light did not help them, and the trapper, while great in concept, makes a noise that scares their dogs.

Most cat owners have no problem with getting their cats claws into this clipper. Most of the common complaints with Walkinnwith LOOKUT Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light are from dog owners. Cat owners seem to have less complaints about these clippers.

The clippers make clipping your cat’s claws fast and easy. Never worry about accidentally cutting the quick, avoiding pain for your cat while preventing messy claw clippings from getting everywhere.

–>>Check out the Walkinnwith LOOKUT Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light<<—

What I like about these cat claw clippers

I like that these clippers use are an all-in-one tool. It makes clipping, filing, and cleanup much faster, so I can get on with my day. The light and magnifier allow Meowmy to spend less time looking at my claws so I get my treat faster.

What don’t I like about these cat claw clippers

The battery can be tricky for some people to install. Without the battery the LED light is useless. It would be better if this didn’t require a battery and instead had a rechargeable port to save on the ongoing expense of batteries.

If the handles are not held closed when the clippers are turned over, the claw clippings will fall out.

It is also designed for those who are right-handed, so if you are left-handed it may take some getting used to.

Bright and Mess-Free

These highly recommended clippers will brighten up your day and your cat’s claws. Make clipping your cat’s claws pleasant for both you and your cat.

Any questions or experience with the Walkinnwith LOOKUT Premium Pet Nail Clippers with Guide Light? Comment below. We look forward to hearing from mew!

Photo by Chris King on Unsplash

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