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Feliway Cat Spray Review

Us cats are a nervous bunch. Being unable to speak human we can’t tell you we’re feeling nervous or uncomfortable directly. Instead, we show this in our own way, scratching, spraying, vocalizing too much. 

When I was a kitten, I had a habit of showing my discomfort by peeing on the bed. Once while Meowmy was sleeping in it, not my proudest moment. My sister, on the other hand, scratches things. We both become very vocal when upset.

When training, your cats especially when socializing them, you need something more to reduce your cats stress. That’s where Feliway cat spray comes in. 

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No. 1 Vet Recommended

When Meowmy was looking for a solution to our nervous behavior, she first asked her vet. After doing lots of research, she found it wasn’t just vets, cat experts online, pet stores, everywhere recommend Feliway.

Many other cat owners she spoke to also had great results from using Feliway.

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Reduces anxiety in 90% of cats

Soon after Meowmy started using Feliway spray, I stopped peeing on the bed, and my sister stopped scratching on Meowmy’s favorite chair. We both stopped yowling, and even when strangers or new dogs were in the house, we were relaxed and calm. 

We still don’t like the vet, but this spray even makes those trips easier. 

Meowmy hasn’t tried to take us on any long trips, yet, so we can’t attest to whether or not Feliway helps with that.

How to use Feliway

While the package states that each application should be about eight sprays, Meowmy has found this amount isn’t always needed. This spray is effective for 4 to 5 hours so reapplication may be necessary.

Feliway can be sprayed on any area your cat tends to mark through scratching or urinating when stressed. It can also be sprayed on the inside of cat carriers when traveling.

Keep this product away from flames and eyes. Do not spray directly on your cat as this product does contain ethanol. Store in a well-ventilated cool place.

Features and Specifications

  • Vets every where recomend this pheromone based spray.
  • In a week or less you will see signs of unwanted behavior decrease. After a week you may notice those behavior patterns compeltley eliminated.
  • Will not stain furniture or fabrics making it great for spot treatment chairs, bedding, and rugs. VCan also be sprayed on the inside of carriers and anwhere else where your cat needs a little extra calm.
  • Helps to reduce the stress of trasitions and changes such as moving homes, going to the vet, addition of fmaily members, or the loss of family members.
  • A natural, drug-free safe spray which mimics cat pheromones. No nasty side effects!
  • Choose from 2 oz bottle size, 20 ml travel size, or diffusers for multi-cat homes.

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Who should consider Feliway?

Those with cats who have high anxiety or are going through stressful changes may want to consider this product. If your cat becomes unruly during vet visits, this will calm them.

However, this product may be ineffective for your cat. This is rare but possible. If you use this and find you’re cat is not any calmer, trying another product or checking with your vet for any medical problems may be a better option.

If you prefer not to use a spray there are also calming treats such as VetriScience Laboratories Composure and collars such as Comfort Zone Cat Calming Pheromone Collar.

Melody’s Rating

finger choosing star rating

I give Feliway a 4.5 star rating out of 5.

Why 4.5 stars?

While this product works well for my sister and me, it is not effective for all cats. The base of this spray is ethanol, so while it doesn’t have a smell, it can be mildly irritating to those who have sensitivities. Be aware of this and use this product in a well-ventilated area.  

While most people find that this product is very effective for their cats, some buyers find it does not affect their cats. Some even state that it has the opposite effect on their particular cat.

If you want something to help reduce your kitty’s anxiety during stressful times, which will allow you to relax as well, Feliway is the product to check out.

What I like about Feliway

This is spray comes highly recommended by experts and is quick and easy to use. It has only two ingredients, feline facial pheromone, and ethanol. Many similar sprays also include things such as methyl parabens and essential oils which can be dangerous for cats.

What I don’t like about Feliway

One application doesn’t last for very long. You may find you have to spend more time than you like reapplying this to the areas that you want to keep your cats from marking. It’s also not best if you are doing a long-distance trip with your cat, such as moving across the country.

Travel size!

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My final thoughts on Feliway

If your cat shows signs of anxiety or nervousness such as scratching, marking, or over vocalizing, check out Feliway. It is highly recommended by experts and known for me is very effective with most cats. I would not recommend this product to those who prefer not to use sprays or those cat owners who have tried this product and find it does not work for their kitty.

Relaxed cat

Do you have any questions about or experience with Feliway cat spray? If so let us know in the comments. We look forward to hearing from Mew!

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