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*Crunch crunch* Purrr. Oh, hi there, I’m back with another review. This time it’s Greenies cat treats.

I love all treats, these especially! Meowmy always brings them on walks, and they’re so crunchy. My sister and I usually eat meaty, wet foods, so the crunchy texture is a nice change. She says they’re good for things like our teeth, but I don’t care about that; I just like that there are so many flavors!

Greenies Cat Treats

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It eliminates bad breath and reduces hairballs cat with mouth open

These treats are great at multi-tasking. Meowmy’s boyfriend may complain about me bugging him about feeding times, but he’s never complained about my breath.  My breath is better than his sometimes. Another great thing is I don’t get hairballs. My sister, Mio, sheds a lot and often needs me to help her groom. It’s nice to know Meowmy doesn’t have to clean up as many messes from me!

Greenies cat treats come in a variety of flavors

Chicken flavor, OK! Catnip flavor, yes! Savory Salmon, oh my! Tempting Tuna!!!! It’s so hard to choose. I’ll take them all purrlease!

The best way to use Greenies

Greenies are a low-calorie treat that can be fed anytime to your cat. This makes them great for training, socializing with guests, or anytime you want to give them a little something extra.

You can even put them in a puzzle feeder such as the Pet Stages Interactive Cat Feeder. Mio is better at these puzzles than I am, so she tends to get all the treats.

These treats are made for cats that are one year or older. Although Greenies are a low-calorie treat it is best to adjust your cat’s diet as necessary to accommodate for the extra calories.

For the most dental benefit feed, a 10lb cat eight treats twice a day. Mio is 15 lbs, so she gets 12 treats a day and I’m 12 lbs so I get 10 treats daily.

Greenies come in a resealable bag which can be stored in a dry cool place.


  • Choose from a variety of flavors such as chicken, salmon, tuna, and catnip for those nipheads who can’t get enough!
  • Made with natural ingredients and premium proteins such as chicken meal and flax seed with added vitmains and minerals such as Vitamin E, B Vitamins, and D3.
  • This provides a texture variety to out otherwise soft food diet.
  • A combination of plant-based fibers such as oat fiber and ground wheat to minimize hairball formation and promote healthy digestion
  • The crunchy texture not only staisifies your cats need for variety it helps to clean their teeth, leaving them wiht fresh breath.
  • Low in calories at only 1.25 calories per treat, so you don’t need to worry about your cat getting too chonky.
  • Veternarians through the U.S. rate this treat as their number one choice.

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Who should consider Greenies?

If you are looking for a regular treat that you can give your cat often that has the added benefit of keeping their teeth healthy this is the product for you.

However, if you prefer to have your cat on a grain-free diet, I would consider an alternative such as Orijen Freeze Dried Cat Treats. This alternative is a meaty, chewy treat that also comes in a variety of textures. It is made purely from animal proteins with some tocopherols mixed in as a preservative.

If your cat is a picky eater and they don’t like these treats don’t be discouraged. There are many alternatives out there to try.

However, most cats are not that picky and come running for Greenies cat treats, so if you have multiple cats, one cat may hate these and another will love them.

My sister and I are picky, but not when it comes to these treats. We hear the shake of the container, and it’s like music to our ears! Meow!

Melody’s rating

Out of 5 stars I give Greenies a 4-star rating.

Why only 4?

I knocked off a star because these are not grain-free. As a kitty with a sensitive digestive system, I worry about eating too many of these. Yet just like humans and their potato chips I can never eat just one. I’ve even been known to run away with the bag and hiss at Meowmy when she tried to take it away from me!

A finger choosing a star rating

What I like about Greenies

These low-calorie treats are dry making them easy to carry. Because of this Meowmy often uses Greenies when taking us for walks. They don’t have a strong smell like some treats so guests with a sensitive sense of smell aren’t bothered by these.

What I don’t like about Greenies

Greenies are not grain-free. If your cat is sensitive to grains or has a sensitive digestive system this could be problematic for you and your cat. When Meowmy first gave me these treats she was very careful to watch how I reacted to them. In the past, I have had problems with dry kibble causing bloody stools. Thankfully I have never had a problem with Greenies.

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Greenies cat treats, healthy and tasty!

These treat are my absolute favorite due to the crunch and flavor. Meowmy loves that they help our teeth and hairballs. She also loves that Greenies can are easy to carry anywhere, making them perfect for training.

However, if you have a cat with sensitivity to grains it would be best to avoid these Greenies.

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Any questions or opinions about Greenies cat treats? Let us know in the comments below!

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