How to socialize a cat – Teaching your cat to be friendlier

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“Ow! Son of a-! Stop scratching me! You need to put this thing in a cage. I don’t know why you had to have a cat.”  When I first brought Mio home, it was just her and me. When we were alone, things were great. However, at the time, I was also dating someone who … Read more

Greenies Cat Treats – Melody Reviews

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*Crunch crunch* Purrr. Oh, hi there, I’m back with another review. This time it’s Greenies cat treats. I love all treats, these especially! Meowmy always brings them on walks, and they’re so crunchy. My sister and I usually eat meaty, wet foods, so the crunchy texture is a nice change. She says they’re good for things … Read more

Escape proof cat harness amazon – Melody Reviews

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In the time I have had my two girls, Mio and Melody, I have tried several harnesses with them. Finding harnesses for them as kittens were easy because they were small. They were also much less stubborn. As they’ve grown it’s been more difficult to find things for them. I have to follow their lead … Read more