Cats Are Psychopaths

“Your cats are going crazy again! Do something.” Is your cat a psychopath? This is the question that’s going around the internet right now. Scientists have developed a questionnaire to identify if your cat is a psychopath. They’re basing the questions on typical cat behaviors like pushing stuff off shelves, attacking humans and other animals, … Read more

How You Can Train Your Cat to Stop Biting The Ultimate Guide

“Mio bit me again. What can we do about that?” If you have a cat, you have likely been bitten at least once. Many pet owners don’t think twice about these bites unless they actively train their pets not to bite.  Most cat bites are playful or affectionate and can even be seen as cute.  … Read more

Feliway cat spray – Melody Reviews

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Feliway Cat Spray Review Us cats are a nervous bunch. Being unable to speak human we can’t tell you we’re feeling nervous or uncomfortable directly. Instead, we show this in our own way, scratching, spraying, vocalizing too much.  When I was a kitten, I had a habit of showing my discomfort by peeing on the … Read more

How to socialize a cat – Teaching your cat to be friendlier

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“Ow! Son of a-! Stop scratching me! You need to put this thing in a cage. I don’t know why you had to have a cat.”  When I first brought Mio home, it was just her and me. When we were alone, things were great. However, at the time, I was also dating someone who … Read more